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Doll material

*texture of material
100% medical solid TPE material (non-toxic, odorless, 100% safe material) makes the action             more durable, more elastic, and high-grade imitating human skin material, which makes the               touch  more delicate and smooth.

*metal frame
simulation entity, containing metal skeleton, strong and durable, soft skin, simulation of human      design, perfect human body proportion, according to waist posture, you can simply enjoy various postures.

Anus, vagina, mouth, three kinds of entertainment. Sex dolls can add new stimulation and pleasure to people's life. They can feel different soft touch by imitating the size of real women

*Skin touch
modelling tactile principle modelling, the touch feeling that holds up is soft, can make your mood joyful, when lonely and tired, can comfort you slowly, cure you

*Physical performance
 skill performance can make standing dolls, joints using special artificial composite metal, freely swing a variety of positions. If you want the doll to stand, support it from the side. If you adjust it well, you can stand without support
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